Sustainable BY Design LLP is a design studio that thinks, designs and delivers sustainable, built environments.

Our approach is founded in the belief that good design comes from the synthesis of traditional architectural skills coupled with the technical intuition derived from environmental studies and a track record of delivering low-energy, sustainable developments.

People want buildings and places which not only keep them in good health and provide inspiration but play a part in tackling global issues like climate change and social equality.


We undertake research and development, continually updating our bank of sustainable knowledge

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We do urban design, masterplanning, architecture, visualisation and environmental modelling - constantly expanding our creative skills and developing our technical intuition.



We act as architects and lead designers through the delivery process and also carry out monitoring and feedback studies

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Sustainable By Design use our knowledge and working methods to enable us to demonstrate, from the word go, how key decisions at the early stages of a project can have a major effect on future well-being, social integration, energy use and resource-efficiency.

Our unique working methodology uses:

- A customised sustainability knowledge map to benchmark all projects against eight themes for social, economic and environmental impacts.

- A design development methodology which involves working in 3D from inception of a project, using integrated software packages to allow visualisation for both massing options and environmental analysis.



Architecture, Urban Design, Consultancy, Passivhaus, Energy modelling, Interiors