Passivhaus EnerPHit Retrofit, Thamesmead, London

The first facade of insulated timber cladding panels have been installed on our EnerPHit Retrofit project in Thamesmead, London. The panels, prefabricated at the Gumpp & Maier factory in Binswangen, Germany - complete with triple-glazed windows, doors, timber board cladding and MVHR grilles - were craned off the lorry and fixed into position on the north face of the existing building. The whole facade, enclosing 18 maisonettes, was completed in less than one week. sustainableBYdesign partner Mark Elton and contractor Alexander Gumpp presented the scheme at the UK Passivhaus Conference 2013 in Milton Keynes on 15th October.


sustainableBYdesign were commissioned by German contractor & timber-frame specialist Gumpp & Maier, to carry out the technical design of the retrofit of a 5-storey, pre-cast concrete, linear slab-block on the Thamesmead Estate. The project, for Gallions Housing Association, comprises the retrofit of the existing 18 maisonettes with the ground floor garages converted to mixed commercial and community uses. The EU funded E2ReBuild project requires innovation in technology and construction involving over-cladding the existing walls with pre-fabricated, insulated timber panels which contribute to the improved energy efficiency of the housing, designed to meet Passivhaus EnerPHit standards.


Ravenscraig (BRE Scotland) - Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6

sustainableBYdesign's detailed proposal for a large family house at Ravenscraig is a simple and compact design with a wide frontage and shallow plan layout taking full advantage of the solar orientation available for a detached house - providing a pleasant, healthy, steady-state internal environment and ample sized windows providing plenty of natural daylight. In Summer, the house is protected from overheating by sun shading from the timber pergola /balcony, planted with deciduous climbers for additional shading and greening in summer with full sun exposure in winter months. On the North facade the front entrance is sheltered by a slate-clad porch which also provides secure bicycle and recycling storage. More detail


Housing Retrofit Study for Westminster City Council

sustainableBYdesign were appointed by Willmott Dixon Energy Services to provide architectural design solutions for the fabric energy upgrade and internal environmental improvement of six different housing typologies - ranging from 2-storey, Victorian terraced houses in a conservation area to a 22-storey, 20th century modernist tower block. The study involved the technical & practical feasibility of improving the energy performance of the building fabric and highlighting any additional potential energy/carbon savings which could be implemented during the works, all combined within an aesthetic solution that meets the planning requirements for each site.


Masterplanning for Rural Communities in Essex

sustainableBYdesign is working with local suppliers and developers applying sustainable design criteria, including orientation for Passivhaus design and solar roofs, to a mixed use masterplan with homes sensitively grouped in winding homezones and clustered courtyards. The design features a central open space, local play areas and a health centre/ community hub. A varied mix of affordable house types, earmarked for local people and adaptable for live/work, will be built in each phase to an overall density of up to 50 units per hectare. More detail


Isle of Man Passivhaus

Planning permission was recently granted for this private housing development in Baldrine, Isle of Man, designed for Wolf Environmental Consultancy (IOM) Ltd by sustainableBYdesign to meet the Passivhaus environmental standard. The development is believed to be the first proposed Passivhaus-standard development on the island, and features solar orientation of principle rooms, heat recovery ventilation, and loft spaces under active solar roofs. Using a palette of local materials, and simple compact forms, it is intended to act as a model for further development on the Isle of Man. More detail


Phoenix Community Garden

Sustainable By Design has been successful in winning a limited competition to design a new community and education centre in the idyllic Phoenix Garden. The design will feature an innovative low-energy strategy including the use of buffer spaces and heat recovery, and a building ecology strategy showcasing green walls and roof. Work is ongoing.More detail

Phoenix Community Centre

Zero Carbon House, Chipperfield

Four-bedroom house designed to German Passivhaus energy efficient standards and complying with Level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. The house design had to meet the strict requirements for a village conservation area while incorporating large areas of glazing for passive solar heating. By sustainableBYdesign while at Inbuilt.More detail

Christ Church Primary School

Feasibility study for remodelling and extending the existing Grade II listed school on a sensitive site adjacent to the Grade 1* listed Christ Church Spitalfields church. More detail

Welsh Passive House

sustainableBYdesign has been shortlisted in the architectural competition to design the ultimate Welsh Passive House - a prototype sustainable, affordable home incorporating innovative measures for energy efficiency, construction and environmental design. The winning designs are to be built in 2010 as part of The Works in Ebbw Vale, a major regeneration project transforming the 200 acre redundant steel works into a thriving, mixed use development.More detail

Welsh Passive House Competition

Daylight design for Passivhaus Primary School

Three dimensional Revit modeling and environmental analysis has enabled us to predict and visualize the daylighting and solar access required for a prototype primary school, designed to Passivhaus energy efficiency principles.

Passivhaus School

Environmental Design of a New Primary School in West London

Sustainable By Design were commissioned to carry out a design options appraisal for a new 2form entry primary school in West London. Using BB99 and the brief from the teaching staff of the existing school, we carried out a feasibility study and concept design for an early years centre and new primary school with new community facilities.

School Feasiblity Study

Passivhaus Family Homes for Uttlesford, Essex.

We have recently completed outline designs for 14 Homes for a rural housing association, incorporating 5 new house types designed to the Passivhaus energy efficiency standard and achieving Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Passivhaus Family Homes

Mixed Community Development, The Bridge, Dartford

Recent press coverage of the first phases of a new community at Dartford, carried out by Lynne Sullivan whilst at Broadway Malyan to 2008, where she was Project Architect for the masterplan and detailed design of 1500 mixed-tenure homes organised around a community school and mixed use centre with radiating green corridors to the ecology park beyond.

Sixth Form Centre, Secondary School, Finchley, London

Preliminary study and concept design for new sixth from centre addition to an existing secondary school, designed to Passivhaus energy effeciency standards.

Lee Valley Office Headquarters, Enfield, London

Sustainable, comfortable working environment, utilising ample daylight and natural ventilation without relying on high energy input. By John Pratley, Project Architect while at Cazenove Architects.

School Feasiblity Study

University of Northampton Masterplan

Design competition submission using our sustainable knowledgemap to inform the overall vision for the university campus. More detail

Passivhaus Primary School, Dartford

sustainableBYdesign have developed the Dartford Community School concept to test the energy performance against Passivhaus standards.

Furniture Design for EGA College, Islington, London

Bespoke design for reception desk and internal planning for re-modelled entrance area and staff offices. Anne Thomas, Lead Designer while at JR Davies Associates.

Wildlife Centre, Liverpool

Competition submission for environmentally sustainable and visually stimulating addition to the Wildflower education Centre. More detail

Sheltered Housing, Waterford, Ireland

Exemplar self-catering living accommodation allowing people with a wide range of physical disabilities to live independently yet supported by discrete, separate nursing resources and communal facilities. By Gavin Fung, Project Architect while at CJ Falconer & Associates.